Monday, April 18, 2011

Enough is Enough. Dale Earnhardt Jr is NOT his Father!!!

This isn't much of a blog today, I just read a couple of articles over the last couple weeks that annoyed me. Today I decided to spout about it. I just want to say that I'm sick and tired of Dale Jr's fans wanting Dale Jr to be more like Dale Sr. Dale Jr is his own person.
I'd like you to answer some questions if you would.
Is the reason you are a Dale Jr fan is because you needed someone to cheer for after Dale Sr passed on, and Junior seemed to be the only option you could think of?
Is the reason you were a fan of Dale Sr because of the way he drove his car? Is the reason you were a fan of Dale Sr because of his wreckers or checkers attitude? Is it because of the way he'd run over his own Grandmother to finish the race first? Is the reason you were a fan of Dale Sr because of his 'Intimidator' persona and the swagger in which he walked? Is the reason you were a fan of Dale Sr because he was the most dominant guy out on the track and there wasn't anything that was going to stop him from getting to the front?
If any of the above is true. I believe it is time to reconsider your allegiance to Dale Jr. That is not who Dale Jr is, and it is not how Dale Jr drives. Dale Jr wants to compete hard, he wants to race clean and he wants to earn his victories. He simply isn't going to root a guy up out of his way. He'll pass him clean or he'll finish where he's running. If you're looking for otherwise, I'd suggest cheering for Kevin Harvick or Kyle Busch. I think you'll find their style much more to you liking.

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