Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daytona 500 has the potential to be BRUTAL!!!

Currently teams are working on how to make the 2 car draft work without the pushing car having to get clean air due to overheating.  Currently the two car draft is 2.5 mph faster than what the pack is projected to be. So there will be cars laying back to avoid ‘the big one’ because it is so easy to catch the pack and move to the front. Stewart-Haas is actually designing one car to be the pusher and Brian Pattie from EGR figures the pushing car can go 10 laps before having to duck out for clean air. Click here for article … That + no real variation in points = follow the leader racing. Watch the last 25 laps, I’m sure they’ll be exciting…  
Personally i just really hate two cars getting together and running away from it all. I'd rather see a last lap mad dash like Jr made last year, not two cars breaking away to decide it between the two of them.

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